Why LinkedIn?

If you are trying to build a career in any industry then LinkedIn is a must for you. The first reason why LinkedIn is such a powerful tool is that there are almost 650 million users on the platform. LinkedIn is one of the only professional social networks that you can showcase your skills your talents and your abilities and it's the perfect platform to build authority in your industry. LinkedIn can be used to apply for jobs online and find better high-quality career opportunities. 90% of recruiters and 75% of hiring managers are using LinkedIn as a hiring tool.

The second reason why you need to be on LinkedIn is because Google prefers LinkedIn searches over other websites. The LinkedIn profile helps to find you if someone typed your name into Google. This makes LinkedIn the perfect place to manage your brand online.

The third reason why you need to be on LinkedIn is that it outbreaks Facebook in terms of business-to-business contacts it's the third most commonly used social network for business owners and unlike Facebook, LinkedIn posts have the potential to reach all of your followers.

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LinkedIn Process

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